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I'm RMT Heather, owner of Rose Fire Energy Healing. Many people ask how I began my spiritual healing practice. It began with wanting to help people, and when I was ready, wanting to help myself with my Souls evolution and help others with their Souls evolution. This allowed me to constructively channel my innate clairsentient intuitive abilities as well.  There is much suffering in the world, and each of us has our own unique experiences of trails. I seek to transform myself and am deeply grateful and honored to help others who seek to courageously do the same.  I worked in the mental health field serving youth and families in the community, school, and residential settings for over 9 years. I have been avidly practicing spiritual and energetic healing since March 2017. Spiritual and energetic healing has helped myself and my clients to grow and heal. Healing from the inside out helps to get to the root cause of suffering and provides a deep sense of meaning and well-being. When we connect with Universal Life Force Energy/God/Angels/Spirit Guides, we begin and continue the healing process, and are guided and protected along the way. It is a great honor to share healing energy with others on their Souls journey, and see others grow and heal through their own personal will and desire. 


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