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Shamanic Illumination

During a Shamanic Illumination, we will be working together to release dense energy regarding a particular experience, belief or emotion that has been weighing on you that you're ready to let go of. This session is particularly helpful for those who have or are suffering from emotional heartache. You will be fully clothed and relaxed on the healing table during the session. The Shamanic Illumination will include opening sacred space, through connecting with powerful animal archetypes, intention setting, clearing the luminous energy field, guided meditation, engaging in breathwork, energy healing, and utilizing rattles, drums, palo santo, candles, and healing stones for ceremony as well as grounding.  This service is particularly helpful for those who feel connected to their ancestors, animals, as well as the elements earth, wind, fire and water all of which are connected to mind, body and spirit.  By the end of the session, you will feel lighter. You will have a sacred stone to go home with for continued healing. Engaging in acts of ceremony through your will and determination will have monumental benefits, as the act of ceremony will reprogram the subconscious mind which will dissolve patterns that are no longer serving your highest and best.


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