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Reiki and Vibrational Healing is Helpful for  Balance, Peace, and Grounding

Energy healing works in harmony with western medical treatment and as a proactive healthcare measure. Reiki is a sacred Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes relaxation and ignites self healing. Reiki is channeled through the palms of the practitioners hands, as the practitioner acts as a conduit. It is performed by hovering of the hands over the energy body, or gentle hands on.  Reiki and Vibrational Healing will balance and remove blockages from the chakras, which are energy centers within the  body and human energy field.  Chakras are responsible for different physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions. 

Reiki can also help you with boosting your immune system and speeding up recovery from illness, injury, and surgery. Reiki can also help with physical pain relief, stress relief, healing through cancer, detoxing, increased intuition, restful sleep, connecting with your higher self/spirituality, anxiety, depression PTSD and more. 

 Please plan to wear something comfortable and non restrictive to your healing session. Please plan to drink a lot of water following your session, as energy healing is a form of detoxing.

What to expect? You will be fully clothed and laying down on the massage table with essential oils diffusing, soothing music playing in the background, a galaxy star light projector glistening on the ceiling, with crystals on and around you. During the session clients experience one or more of the following- deep relaxation, connection to your higher self and/or spiritual helpers, visualizations, euphoria, releases of heavy energy or emotional releases, clarity, feeling peaceful, loved, connected and grounded as well as tingly, hot or cold sensations as the denser energy is released and higher energetic frequencies are received.

I include the use of crystals, oils, Palo Santo, singing bowls, rattles, drums and tuning forks to assist with brain entrainment, grounding, cellular regeneration, as well as restoring balance in the body.  including these vibrational tools into the session is a powerful therapeutic combination. If you have allergies or are sensitive to herbs or oils, I will refrain from using them. 

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