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Integrated Energy Therapy with Vibrational Healing  Helps to Release Emotional Trauma or Suppressed Emotions.

  IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) is a gentle Angelic heart centered therapeutic touch therapy to certain power points on the body. IET removes emotional trauma, physical trauma, limiting beliefs, and past life trauma deep within the body tissue out of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy field that you are ready to release layer by layer. It is getting the issues out of your tissues as well as releasing negative emotions held in the organs, as we can hold anger in our liver, stress in our adrenals, and fear in our kidneys for example.  


What you can expect- You will be fully clothed and relaxed on the massage table while soothing music and the galaxy star projector is playing in the background. Essential oils, crystals, and vibrational tuning forks may be used during the session as well. Energy blocks will be released using gentle therapeutic touch. combined with your intentions for healing.  I offer to state out loud which emotion is held where in the body if you choose. I will then assist you with releasing the particular emotion out of your human energy field, and replace it with positive emotions or healing vibrations.  Clients report feeling lighter after their session. Vibrational healing tools may be included such as tuning forks, singing bowls, drumming and rattles. 


Please plan to wear something comfortable to your treatment, and drink plenty of water following your treatment, as it form of detoxing. 


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