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Reiki Level 1 Class

Reiki can be a healthy and integrative part of your lifestyle. You can utilize Reiki for yourself, friends, family, pets, plants and more. 


This class will include the following:

· Learning the history and origin of Reiki

· Overview of how Reiki energy healing works

· How to prepare for giving and receiving Reiki

· Techniques for grounding and breathing

· Treatments and hand positions for self and others

· Anatomy for Reiki

· Reiki attunement

· Hands on Reiki practice with classmates and Reiki Master Teacher.

· Hands on practice for chair Reiki and self-treatment.

You will receive a Usui Reiki one in the first-degree certificate upon completion of the class.


When: Sunday July 7th, 10:00PM-5:00PM

Located at Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center. Instructor is Reiki Master Teacher Heather, of Rose Fire Energy Healing. 

4358 Culver Road, Rochester, NY, 14622


Regular cost: $240

Cash discount $230

A deposit of $75 is required.

$75 deposit can be paid when you RSVP. Must RSVP by 06/23/24 ( Call or Text 585-314-0703)

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